First Grandmothers' Club was established in 2002 after Lenda Richards organized an energetic group of women in Fort Worth to explore their mutual concerns as grandmothers for children of the world. (Click here to download the initial letter) For information see our web site, or write us at P.O. Box 470396, Fort Worth, TX, 76147.

Immediate Goals:

* Introduce the First Grandmothers' Club to the community and increase visibility
* Enlist additional membership
* Develop a strategic plan for growth and development of club
* Organize volunteer activities
* Provide connection and support for grandmothers
* Be an information resource for volunteer and educational activities

Newsletter: Distributed two times per year to members.

* News about upcoming First Grandmothers' Club activities
* Facts of interest about grandmothers
* Tips for grandmothers
* Grandmother quotes
* Reviews of books and web sites
* Highlights from grandmothers' stories

Please click here for our membership application.